Our Services
We are the CONNECTOR between the store chain and the sales organizations
Our Services
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Accounting &  Ad Tracking

Revenue Sharing


Each Chain store account receives a monthly report on activity, ads running, revenue sharing and more. 

Each Chain store receives a revenue sharing check for each printing as soon as the printing is ordered. For each printing or 250 rolls ( a round) the store gets a check for each ad sold. Each paid advertiser on the receipts generates a $50 credit. For example;14 ads paid is $700 revenue to the store chain.

Tape Traffic Logistics processes all the printing, graphics, and tracking. Our centralized system keeps things organized. It also keeps the system honest and productive. Nothing like reasonable costs for advertising and register tapes that are full of ads.

In Store Service & Monitoring

When the 250 rolls (1 round) are finished printing they are delivered to the appropriate store by our service team. We properly place them in the store and work with the store management and cashiers as they are rotated.