How our program works
10 years of Excellent Service
In 2009, we started a printing and direct mail company called Local Community Blast. 
Since then LCB has expanded into other service areas including printing & advertising with grocery and merchanidise marts.

The Problem

Almost every chain store operation has experienced exclusive contracts with marketing vendors who sell ads on register receipts. This business model has been a consistent problem of keeping sales people, keeping register rolls full of ads, poor communications with the store operation, complaints from competitors and Ad Agencies from being blocked out.   

The Solution

By partnering with the store chain, we create an open system.
  • We (TTL) work for the chain by managing the flow of ads to the store register tapes
  • Working with mulitple sales organizations, independent agents, and marketing groups to fill the tapes with ads
  • The store chain gets their own FREE promotional ad on each printing
  • We make weekly service visits to each store to bring new supplies and monitor progress
  • TTL may also have marketing agents in various markets to help sell ads for the stores tapes
  • Each round printed (250 rolls) triggers a new profit sharing check to the store chain. Usually $50 per ad or $700 per round printed.
  • The store chain receives regular reports with proper channels on progress and profit sharing   

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