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Please follow the instructions for placing your client ad here.
  1. Ad specifications
    The ad dimensions should be 1.75 in H x 2.75 W Please save the ad graphics as a high resolution file. 300 dpi or greater. The file you will be sending to us is JPG, PNG or PDF only.
  2. Registered
    Are you registered with us for submitting ads? Please make sure you are an approved vendor for submitting ads. You can make sure by contacting us through our "Register your marketing company". All ad agencies, marketing companies, and independent sales reps can submit ads on behalf of clients.
  3. Submitting Ads
    Once your ad is created you may submit the ad as follows; Email the ad to [email protected] You will need to state your marketing company information. Please specify which store chain your ad is going into, store location, and which state and local the store is located. We will match this to the appropriate template being printed.
  4. Confirmation
    Each ad submitted will receive a confirmation via the email you used communicating with us. If there are any changes or edits required please use this email communication to let us know. All ads submitted will be confirmed prior to printing. Please use [email protected] for communication.
  5. Payment for Ads
    Once your ad is submitted it is in pending mode. We will contact you with payment arrangements. The payment for each ad submitted is $200 which goes onto 250 rolls(1 round). We do this for security reasons and verification for records. You can pay by check or credit card. Once your ad is paid it will be placed in the proper template.
  6. See below for inputing details

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