Ad Placement

Placing an ad is easy

Please note it is your responsability to collect monies from your client for your ad costs. Tape Traffic Logistics does not collect money for marketing vendors or ad agencies.

Ad details are on our working page.  Your ad must be in correct demensions and resolution.

Your ad must be emailed to us at [email protected]
If you have questions on placing an ad you may call us at   (616) 200-4992 from 9am -5pm eastern time.

Once your ad is emailed to us with proper notations we will contact you for CC or check payment. Each ad running is $200 for 250 rolls (1 round).  We do this for security reasons.

Once payment is made your ad is placed in the proper template.

Graphics support team

Need help putting an ad together? Let our graphics team do it for you. A nominal fee is charged. Email us at   [email protected]